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Facts Become the Enemy: Art and Archives. A Conversation with Joy Garnett on “The Bee Kingdom”
Posted on Feb 4, 2019 1:25AM

by Andrea Scrima

What does an artist do with boxes and boxes of archival material? And what if it belongs to her late Egyptian poet beekeeping grandfather? I had the pleasure of interviewing Joy Garnett for my 3QuarksDaily column–and now, you’ll have the pleasure of reading it. But you can also follow her on Facebook to witness the writing and image pairings of a work in progress.

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by Joy Garnett

Short excerpt from a work-in-progress.

FULL BLEDE, Issue 7, “Continuant”, January 2019

Launch Party
FULL BLEDE Issue Seven: The Continuant
Opening Reception
organized by Sacha Baumann, featuring Chelle Barbour, Sydney Mills, Jaklin Romine, Camilla Taylor

Come celebrate with us!
Sunday, January 13, 1-5p

Noysky Projects
6727 7/8 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
visit for parking and transportation options

A broadsheet featuring contemporary writing and art,
FULL BLEDE is independently published by Sacha Baumann.

In Issue Seven: The Continuant, the broadsheet’s collaborators explore that which retains its identity even though its states and relations may change.

Contributors: Cody Bayne, April Bey, Yuri Boyko, Gary Brewer, Zoe Crosher, Michael DeSutter, Jed Donaldson, Kaye Freeman, Wylie Garcia, Joy Garnett, C. Coleman Griffith, Elmer Guevara Ric Heitzman, February James, Kim Kei, Christopher Kuhn, Karen Lofgren, Aline Mare, Joseph Masotta, Sydney Mills, Jaime Muñoz, Yemisi Oyeniyi, Lydia Maria Pfeffer, Jaklin Romine, Tessie Salcido Whitmore, Marty Schnapf, Kristine Schomaker, Julia Schwartz, Molly Segal, Nicolas Shake, Arine Sulukdjian, Camilla Taylor, Katya Usvitsky, Michelle Vaughan, Adam Void, Lindsey Warren, Alexis Zoto.

The masthead is a nod to the newspaper terms “full bleed” (edge-to-edge printing) and “lede” (the introductory section of a news story that entices the reader to keep reading). Combined, FULL BLEDE expresses an intent to publish content that is intriguing, unadulterated, and beyond the edge of standardized borders of convention.




“It strikes me that images—whether they are painted or photographic—are paradoxical in that they create the impression of a fixed state. But reality is not fixed, it’s constantly changing.” Maake talks with painter Joy Garnett about her process, myriad source imagery, and her visceral relationship to color. Full interview online, link in profile! Issue 6 was curated by Holly Coulis. Interview Questions by Beatrice Helman….

Issue 6 of Maake Magazine
Curated by Holly Coulis
20 featured artists, 3 Artist-Run features and full-length interviews
Full color throughout. 80 pages.