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Leaving New York,” Evergreen Review, Fall/Winter 2020 Issue. Art by Nazanin Noroozi. (Evergreen Review was founded in 1957 and is published in New York)


‘The Sea Takes Up Residence in All Parts of the City’ (literary non-fiction) appears in Rusted Radishes, Issue 8: ‘Sea Change’ (Dec. 2019). The issue includes writing by Rabih Alameddine, Margo Berdeshevsky, Mario Jamal, Lisa Luxx, Riwa Roukoz, and artworks by Faig Ahmed, Chloe Hojeily, Hatem Imam, Abdul Rahman Katanani, Omar Khoury, Basir Mahmoud, Dala Nasser, Paris Petrides, and Jason Steel. (Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal is published by the American University of Beirut).Full Blede: Oct. 2019, Issue 10: THE UNDERTAKING: ‘Time Capsule’. (Literary non-fiction)

Full Blede: June 2019, Issue 9: THE CLEAVE: ‘Memento’. (Literary non-fiction)

Full Blede: Apr. 2019, Issue 8: THE INTERPENETRATE: ‘Hive Inspection’. (Literary non-fiction)

Full Blede: Jan. 2019, Issue 7: THE CONTINUANT: ‘Arrival’. (Literary non-fiction)

(Full Blede is independently published, designed, edited, and curated by Sacha Baumann in Los Angeles.}

Stat®rec, Sept. 2019: Micromanagement. Short fiction.

Stat®rec, May 2019: ‘The Bee Kingdom’. Outline of a work in progress.

(Stat®rec ‘Statement of Record’ is an online literary magazine.)


“Piss & Vinegar” in The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook, edited by Natalie Eve Garrett, powerHouse Books (Oct 2016)


Ping Pong, Nov. 2015: ‘Edham the Atheist (a fiction)’ – A lost manuscript, a walk in the heat, a nervous monologue, an imagined meeting. Short fiction. (Ping Pong is a literary journal of the Henry Miller Memorial Library)..