creative writing


Lesser Meats,” TWO COATS OF PAINT, June 14, 2022

Life Drawing,” Sept 2022 (an earlier version was published in EVERGREEN REVIEW, 1/22)

2020; 2022

Leaving New York,” (an earlier version was published in EVERGREEN REVIEW, 10/20)


The Sea Takes Up Residence in All Parts of the City,RUSTED RADISHES, Issue 8: ‘Sea Change’ 2019. American University of Beirut.

FULL BLEDE (Independently published, designed, edited, and curated by Sacha Baumann in Los Angeles):

“Time Capsule,” Oct. 2019, Issue 10: THE UNDERTAKING

“Memento,” June 2019, Issue 9: THE CLEAVE

“Hive Inspection,” Apr. 2019, Issue 8: THE INTERPENETRATE

“Arrival,” Jan. 2019, Issue 7: THE CONTINUANT

STAT®REC, Statement of Record, is an online literary magazine:

Micromanagement,” Sept. 2019

The Bee Kingdom outline of a work in progress, May 2019


“Piss & Vinegar,” The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook, edited by Natalie Eve Garrett, powerHouse Books (2016)


“Edham the Atheist (a fiction),” PING-PONG, Nov. 2015. A lost manuscript, a walk in the heat, a nervous monologue, an imagined meeting. Short fiction. (PING-PONG is a literary journal of the Henry Miller Memorial Library)..