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The Bee Kingdom ( is a project by Joy Amina Garnett. Drawing on materials left behind by her late grandfather, Egyptian Romantic poet Ahmed Zaky Abushady (1892-1955), she explores lost family histories through creative writing, print making, artist books, and new media. She is currently writing a family memoir.


In Spring 2020, the collection found a home at the Archives and Special Collections of NYU Abu Dhabi Library in the midst of the global pandemic. Please visit:

Immigrant Zero” by the late Maged Atiya commemorates the anniversary of A.Z. Abushady’s death (April 12, 1955) and the plight of Egyptian liberal thinkers. (First published on SalamaMousa: reclaiming Egypt).

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“The Lost Narratives of A.Z. Abushady, Poet and Bee Master,” by Joy Garnett,  Cultural Entanglement in the Pre-Independence Arab World: Arts, Thought, and Literature, edited by Anthony Gorman and Sarah Irving. Published by I.B. Tauris/Bloomsbury (2020). The material draws on a workshop held at the Centre for Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW), University of Edinburgh.

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