the bee kingdom

The Bee Kingdom is a project by New York artist and writer Joy Garnett. It draws on her recent research and life-long search for her late grandfather, the 20th century Egyptian Romantic poet Ahmed Zaky Abushady (1892-1955). Through creative writing, painting, photography, printmaking, and social media projects, The Bee Kingdom asks how past, present, and future narratives can co-exist through ‘the archive’ in its various forms. Joy’s artworks and writings have appeared, sometimes side-by-side, in an eclectic array of publications, including Evergreen Review, Ibraaz, Ping Pong, Edible Brooklyn, C Magazine, and The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook. She is  working on a family memoir of Egypt. For information visit

Image: Annie and Zaky Abushady (ca.1921), part of a project for ‘Piss and Vinegar (art and ferment)’ at FOODshed, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn (Summer 2014). Curated by Amy Lipton.


AZA-Fridon original
Caricature of Abushady (1928), by the Persian Alexandrian artist Mohamed Fridon.

Alexandria, 1981
Slice of the Corniche viewed from hotel window. Alexandria, Egypt, July, 1981. Photograph: Joy Garnett.

Immigrant Zero” by Maged Atiya (March 29, 2015) commemorates the anniversary of A.Z. Abushady’s death (April 12, 1955), and the plight of Egyptian liberal thinkers. Read it on his blog, SalamaMousa: reclaiming Egypt