Middle East Librarians Association (MELA)

The Story of the Abushady Archive – MELA 2020-[Slides PDF]

19 October, 2020: The story of how the collection found a home at the Archives and Special Collections of NYU Abu Dhabi Library in the midst of a global pandemic. 19 October: Recovering Hidden/Historical/Special Collections. Conference theme: “Pandemic, Crisis, and Cultural Institutions: The Intersection of Library Work with COVID-19 and Other Crises.”

Columbia University Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CNMTL)

Joy Garnett: Painting Mass Media

Art and Technology Lecture Series organized by Mark Tribe, September 23, 2004.

Visit the Wikipedia entry ‘Molotov Man‘ for more info.

Printed Matter

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Cariou v. Prince meets Iron Chef

Greg Allen, Joy Garnett and Chris Habib
Saturday evening (9/22/12), from 6-7:30PM.

Printed Matter, Inc.
195 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011 USA


The ongoing Cariou v. Prince trial has presented a high-stakes platform for debating copyright, appropriation, fair-use and artists’ rights. One thing that’s been oddly missing from the discussion, though, is the art itself. Printed Matter will host a raucous crit of Richard Prince’s little-seen but much-contested Canal Zone paintings, culminating in an open-forum, Iron Chef-style evaluation of each artwork in terms of content, aesthetics, and infringiness.

Using bootleg copies of Prince’s banned exhibition catalogue and excerpts from the artist’s own sworn deposition testimony which were never entered into evidence in court, panelists Joy Garnett, Greg Allen, and Chris Habib will take a closer, critical look at Prince’s paintings and practice in an art historical context.

Greg Allen has been writing about the creative process at greg.org: the making of, since 2001. He published Canal Zone Richard Prince YES RASTA: Selected Court Documents from Cariou v. Prince et al. in 2011.

Joy Garnett is an artist and writer in Brooklyn, NY. She is also the founder of the blog NEWsgrist (where spin is art).

Chris Habib is an artist and the curator of HELP/LESS, which runs through Sept. 29th at Printed Matter.

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School of Visual Arts

The Case for Appropriation (excerpt: Rob storr)

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THE CASE FOR APPROPRIATION: A panel moderated by Joy Garnett – Feb 16, 2012, with Rob Storr (excerpt), Virginia Rutledge + Oliver Wasow, presented by BFA Visual & Critical Studies [VIDEO on iTunesU: http://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/joy-garnett-panel/id424611105?i=111884189 ]

Artist and NEWSgrist blogger Joy Garnett is joined in conversation by art historian and attorney Virginia Rutledge, critic and curator Robert Storr, and artist Oliver Wasow to discuss the creative methods and ideas associated with appropriation art today, as issues of appropriation enter the broader public and legal debate forum and copyright infringement lawsuits between artists rise. The panelists will discuss why appropriation and other forms of visual referencing are important elements of making art and how to defend these practices both in and beyond the courtroom.