kitchen studio

kitch studioThe full set of Kitchen Studio images is on flickr.

Kitchen Studio is as much a testament to communication in the digital era as it is evidence of Garnett’s love of cooking. In 2010, the painter began to snap pictures of her cooking activities, usually with her camera phone. Garnett immediately shared her photos on Twitter using her signature hashtag “tweetcuisine” while also capturing these images on a now defunct blog of the same title. Kitchen Studio, an instruction-less recipe box filled only with her photos, is a relic of this rather casual and ephemeral endeavor. Snapshots of her painting studio, which is located just steps from her kitchen, can also be found throughout the box. Kitchen Studio speaks to the ever-vanishing line between media and genres in Web 2.0 society, and the pervasiveness of these technologies in everything we do today from making art to sharing our food.

~ Nicole J. Caruth, entry from the exhibition catalog for With Food In Mind, The Center For Book Arts, 2011.


Download : “Kitchen Studio: A Recipe For Disaster,” by Nicole J. Caruth, C-Magazine-2011 [PDF]